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Workshops & Series: Classes
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The Sleep Workshop

Online - coming soon!

For those who want to sleep better, so you can feel your best while awake.

We spend a lot of time working on the things we do while awake, like exercise and diet, but we don’t typically spend a whole lot of time on what we do for 1/3 of our lives: SLEEP. However, when sleep becomes elusive, it impacts everything we do and occupies a lot of our thoughts. A good night’s sleep can make us feel good. The symptoms of many medical conditions can even be reduced with good sleep, including chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis and many more….

In this workshop you will learn how you can improve your sleep using science, Ayurveda*, yoga and sleep meditation (yoga nidra). (*In this ancient Indian health care practice sleep is one of the 3 pillars of health)

This workshop is for you if:

  • you often feel tired, or experience brain fog during the day

  • you have trouble falling or staying asleep

  • you press snooze a lot or have trouble getting out of bed in the morning

  • you feel like your sleep could be better

  • you’re interested in learning about sleep

  • You are willing to dedicate some time to sleep practices

So what would be possible if you:

  • could fall asleep easily

  • slept soundly and deeply

  • were able to fall back asleep if you woke

  • awoke in the morning feeling refreshed – without an alarm clock

Getting a good nights sleep improves:

  • mental focus and concentration

  • memory

  • creativity

  • mood

  • immune system

  • hormone balance and regulation

What we cover in this workshop:

  • the science of sleep and why it is so important

  • an Ayurvedic perspective on Sleep

  • Tips and tools to improve your sleep

  • a bedtime yoga practice

  • sleep meditation practice

You will receive 2 recordings to practice at home:

  • 15 min get ready for bed yoga practice

  • 20 min Sleep meditation practice

$87 for the 2.5hr workshop, 2 recordings and the opportunity to sleep better (priceless)

“The cost of being awake is essentially low brain damage, sleep is the natural remedy to clean up and repair our brain and the rest of our body” – Matthew Walker

Rest & Revitalization Sleep Meditation Series (Yoga Nidra)

Online - Coming soon!

6 week series

Give your body and mind the deep rest and focus you’ve been craving.  In this six week series you will learn and experience the healing practice of Yoga Nidra.  Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation practiced laying down.  It facilitates deep relaxation and connection with your body's calm, rested and joyful true nature.  It can reduce stress, anxiety and suffering, improve awareness, emotional regulation, focus and sleep and boost your immune system.  Each week we will explore one of the eight healing pathways of the practice and learn how and why it works. You will also receive an audio recording each session to deepen your practice at home.  This practice is great for people new to meditation, experienced with meditation or who have had difficulty with other types of meditation.   

Workshops & Series: Classes

Prenatal Yoga Series

On Demand (pre-recorded) series coming soon!

Prenatal Yoga Class
Workshops & Series: Classes
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