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Private Client Sessions

The fastest, most effective way to reclaim your strength and your freedom

Pain and tension are often the result of compensation patterns in our bodies.  In our one-on-one private client sessions, I will help you identify your unique compensation patterns and show you how to retrain your muscles to make sure the right ones are doing the right work. This will reduce the amount of tension and pain you feel as you move through your everyday life. 

For best results, I recommend that clients work with me on a three-month basis. My 3-month program includes 8 one-hour private sessions plus a Customized Yoga Therapy Plan after each session designed to help you practice your movement at home and continue to build your awareness and results between sessions.  

Email me through the link below if you'd like more information on the program and pricing. Please include a brief description of why you are seeking yoga therapy. I  want to ensure we are a good fit!  I am currently seeing clients via Zoom from anywhere in the world!

Yoga at Home
Private Sessions: About Me
Head Stand Pose

Peak Performance Program

It’s Time to Take it to the Next Level

Looking to take your current level of yoga ability or athletic performance to the next level?  Whether you are an elite athlete or weekend warrior, personalized yoga therapy can improve your efficiency through biomechanics and help you get better results with less effort. I've worked with rock climbers, runners, cyclists, and other athletes and am excited to help you blow the top off your game!

Private Sessions: Welcome
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